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As a Tenant of a Coco Rentals Managed Property you will already have received your 'In an Emergency' Pack.


However we understand that finding these packs in an Emergency can be very difficult, so here are a couple of the essential numbers you will need to know.



Water or Gas Leak Emergency

The Gas Boiler Doctor - 07971 188532



Electrical Emergency

Naomi on 07841 116672 where we will contact an electrician assigned to your property.

If the electrical issue is causing a fire then call 999





No water into the property or Burst Water Main

South West Water Emergency Line - 0800 230 0561



South West Water Sewerage Emergencies - 0344 346 2020


No Electric into the property

Western Power Distribution - 0800 6783 105


Note - Please do not call the plumber or electrician for a non-emergency.  For all non-emergencies please contact us and we will handle any problems you may be having.





Tenancy Advise and Help


A tenant in a property not managed by us but need advise?


One of the best website out there for adivse is  Their

website is crammed with helpful information for all situations of tenanting.