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We understand what it is like to be a tenant - you are completely at the mercy of the letting agent and landlord to look after your 'Home'.


Whether it be a stop-gap temporary 6 months while you're between homes, your first home or you're saving towards your dream of your first home one day, we understand what is important to you.


As a tenant there are several things to consider if you wish to be successful  in the rental process.  Firstly, as you are theoretically 'living' in the landlords home then the landlord will understandably have minimum requirements they would like you to abide by.


For example not all landlords allow pets inside the property so it is best to check first and tell us beforehand so we can see the property is suitable for your pets and their needs.


Other things to consider when applying to rent a property are:  

Children, again like pets not all properties are suitable for children.  Likewise not all properties are suitable for ones with disabilities (like flats/houses with numerous steps for access)  We cater for tenants with disabilities and find properties that are suitable for your needs.


Under the No Smoking law smoking in public areas, if the property has shared parts, is against the law however private rental properties where the entire premises are let to one person/family is down the to discretion of the landlord and will be detailed in your tenancy agreement which you will receive prior to commencing your tenancy.


DSS - As you may have already noticed 99% of private landlord rental properties advertise as 'no dss' however it is still worth asking as some landlords are willing to accept dss tenants under certain circumstances.


As a tenant in one of our properties you will be informed when you commence your tenancy who is your point of contact should a problem arise within the property.  This will be either ourselves or your landlord.




                            How much will it cost you to move into one of our properties..



Single Adult/Couples/Families Occupancy



1 1/2 times first month rent (unless otherwise stated by request of the landlord) Fully refundable at the end of the tenancy following our check-out procedure.


Credit Checks, Administration, property check-in

£175 Single Adult (non refundable) - Children/Dependants - No Charge

£250 Couple (non refundable) - Children/Depenants - No Charge


Property Reservation

50% of first month rent (fully refundable and deductable from total deposit amount)


Add a pet to the Tenancy Agreement (subject to landlord permissions) 

£100 fee (non refundable) + 50% of 1 month rent as additional Deposit (refundable at the end of the tenancy following our check-out procedure)


Shared Properties



2 times first month rent per person


Credit Checks, Administration, Property Check-in

£175 per Adult (non refundable) Couples rate not applicable

Reservation Fee - 50% of first month rent (fully refundable and deductable from total deposit amount)



We do not charge to renew tenancy agreements once you are a tenant.